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Will be living, breathing, evolving structures that can self-heal, self-clean & photosynthesize

The next generation of sustainable materials

Inspired by the most straightforward act of movement - Breathing

Welcome to Pneuma, a pioneer in the new frontier of sustainable biotechnology. Founded on the principles of innovation, responsibility, and profound respect for our planet, we're forging a path to a greener future through the development of revolutionary photosynthesizing bio-materials. We aim to combat climate change by turning carbon capture into an active, life-giving process. Our bio-materials are not just designed to co-exist with nature; they could play an active role in sustaining it. Infused with living cells, they participate in photosynthesis, improving air quality and reducing carbon dioxide levels. This positions us at the cutting edge of green technology, with potential applications ranging from green construction to sustainable fashion and beyond.

We don't just believe in creating products that are less harmful to the environment - we strive to develop materials that contribute positively to our planet's well-being. Join us as we grow towards a sustainable future, one photosynthesis at a time.


"The problem is simple - we are

not in a symbiotic relationship

with the planet anymore,

resulting in the climate crisis,

over-pollution, and facing

environmental catastrophe.'


We add an extra feature of carbon capturing to everyday objects. We aim to cover as many urban and untapped home surfaces with

Natural CC materials as possible.

Everyone can participate now in

solving the Climate Crisis.


Introducing our photosynthesizing living fiber and surface material. 


sustainable fiber


The first living and breathing textile fiber.

It is a combination of natural carbon-capturing technology and a living structure that you must take care of. It makes its owner more aware and appreciative of what life is. OXYA is solving two major problems in the textile industry. If widely applied, it can massively capture CO2 and reduce the sector's overall emissions while keeping its products sustainable and nature-based.


Creating and slowly spreading living materials as alternatives to existing ones will make urban areas/manufactured creations indistinguishable from Nature. This is the first step in embracing the true interconnectedness of all living forms. This is how a highly technological species can reunite with its ancestral and biological tree. A stronger connection with Nature and Life could unlock a better future where the symbiosis between humanity and the planet is possible.


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Read the latest updates and insights about our journey to redefine sustainability, progress, challenges, achievements, and everything as we work towards creating a healthier planet. You will find news about our latest research breakthroughs, partnership announcements, event participation, and thought leadership in sustainable biotechnology.

We invite you to follow along as we grow, innovate, and strive to make a meaningful difference in the world. Together, we are not just imagining a sustainable future but growing it.

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