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This is a human story inspired by Nature, but it turned out to be so much more than that. If you feel you have something in common with this story then words are unimportant. If not, maybe you will find something for yourself and your own journey.

"Sustainability is the bare minimum for next-generation materials".


Pneuma is developing carbon capture materials - OXYA I and OXYA II, our living and breathing textile fiber and covering surface, are seeded with microalgae that consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis—natural, biodegradable, and renewable solution.

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The Hero - Micro-algae

Its efficient carbon dioxide fixation capacity (50x higher than a tree), rapid bio-mass increase, natural durability to environmental factors, and ubiquity make it an ideal family of organisms to help us improve the climate crisis. These capabilities are the reason for the rise of a megatrend of the development of engineered living materials. We can improve our community by collaborating with microorganisms and infusing green into the gray landscapes. Materials that live, breathe, and produce oxygen, aim to make the act of care a tool for reaching a more tremendous collective potential.


What if the next generation of sustainable materials are living, breathing, evolving structures that can self-heal, self-clean & and photosynthesize?

Our view

We follow the path toward unity. Between Nature and Humanity, technological progress and natural cycles, between all biological species, and between all Sapiens. The key themes that intersect in this circle are around the concepts of "what we feel and call Nature," "the new era of intersection between technology and biology," 

"the integration of technology in symbiosis with living organisms," "the biomimicry and biophilic approach toward design and creation," and "the question of how will the evolution of our species unfold." 

Our story does not have an end but rather disappears into an open space of speculation. 

This open space or blank white future may include your input. Join us.

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